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When to Send Article Pitches (and Other Important Emails)

It feels good when you’ve done your research before pitching an article idea to an editor: You know the publication’s audience You know your topic offers value in unique ways You know the editor’s content preferences and pet peeves But you’re not done yet. Although hitting the “send” button on your email seems like an inconsequential step in your article pitching process, I recommend pausing before you take that action. That moment of excited impatience could spoil all the important research you’ve just performed. Caution: avoid these days of the week Have you ever suggested a fun activity to a friend, significant other, or family … Read Entire Story

How To Position Yourself As A Successful Blogger By Doing 1 Thing

Any basketball fans out there? I’ve followed basketball for about 40 years. From playing through the junior college level to following the game on the high school, college and pro levels I had seen thousands of players excel on the court. 1 particularly entertaining player comes to mind when I think about today’s blog post topic. Tim Hardaway. Tim pioneered the wicked, dazzling, difficult to defend crossover move adopted by icons like Allen Iverson and later, Kyrie Irving. Hardaway filmed a series of commercials for Nike where he would say: “I got skills.” He had serious ball handling skills with The post How To Position Yourself As A Successful Blogger By Doing 1 Thing Read Entire Story

199: A COOL TOOL To Create Professional Facebook Live Videos

A Tool to Create High Quality Live Video on Facebook This episode is presented by The Success Incubator – a brand new event I’m co-hosting this year for ProBlogger readers and online entrepreneurs. The event is happening in Dallas Texas on 24-25 October, and I’m so excited to announce that joining me in presenting at the event are a great lineup of speakers including Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, Kim Garst founder of Boom Social and Andrea Vahl who is a brilliant social media consultant. In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you another COOL TOOL for bloggers that will help you to create high quality live video on Facebook. Facebook Live continues to be a medium that is… Read Entire Story

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How to make Money from Trading Stocks

There are lots of people that seem to make a lot of money of the stock exchange and it can be really tempting to think that you can do the same thing. However, it is important to understand how it all works before you have a go yourself. About Investments and Risk Stocks are a […] Read Entire Story

How to Turn $50 Dollars Per Paycheck Into $163,732

Do you wish you could be saving more money for retirement than you are right now? It’s easy to read a couple of personal finance blogs and feel like you’re being left behind if you’re not budgeting yourself down to the bare-bones or saving up an obscene amount of money. But don’t get discouraged!  It might benefit you to know that even small changes to your saving habits can still help aide in your retirement planning success. How small of a sacrifice… Read Entire Story

All You Need to Know About the PayPal Business Account Fees

Conducting online businesses has never been that easy as it is today. The high development of technology, the ability to be worldwide at the same time using the internet and even the easy way of interactions (using translation) represent only a few of the reasons why any business can be successful everywhere in the world. […] Read Entire Story

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Key Insights from Every Speaker of Elite Camp 2017

Elite Camp is a traffic and (mainly) conversion event held in Estonia every summer. It’s among the very best CRO events in the world, and of course in Europe. Elite Camp 2017 had an enviable line-up of heavy hitters and rock stars. Here are top insights from every speaker of this year’s event. Thanks to the inimitable Karl Gilis for all the photos below. Take his course on UX and Usability here. Day 1 Peep Laja: Opening Keynote Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias where someone is so incompetent that they don’t know that they are incompetent, they think they are tremendous. … Read Entire Story

Transcript: The 10 Commandments of Startup Success with Reid Hoffman

When Reid Hoffman — who is rightly called “the Oracle of Silicon Valley” by many tech giants — returned to the podcast, I figured it would be popular, but it exploded. Many of you have asked for the transcript of our conversation, so you can find it below. More accurately, it’s a draft script, so all words from Reid and other CEOs are accurate, but mine were modified substantially in the audio version. I added a lot of stories on the spot (maybe 20 minutes) that are likewise omitted. The new 6-10 questions from me to Reid (e.g. “What book have you have reread the most?”) are not included below, but you can find them here. Enjoy… Read Entire Story

The 10 Commandments of Startup Success with Reid Hoffman

“Hard work isn’t enough, and more work is never the real answer.”  – Reid Hoffman In this special episode, we explore the “10 Commandments for Startup Success” as taught by the one and only Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn, Twitter). Reid has been on the show before, and he is often referred to as “The Oracle of Silicon Valley” by tech insiders, who look at his company-building and investing track record (which includes Facebook, Airbnb, Zynga… Read Entire Story

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Music CD-R And Data CD-R

People who are new to computers and duplication, will sometims confuse CD-R music media with CD-R data media. While confusing them is easy to do, the two are different indeed. Even if you have some experience with computers, confusing them is very easy to do. As you may or may not know, there are differences […] Read Entire Story

The Truth About Rent To Own

Most of us are very familiar with the term “rent to own”. Places such as Prime Time and Rent A Center have built an empire with rent to own merchandise, although the buyer normally ends up paying double what the merchandise is actually worth. While this may be great for those who have bad credit, […] Read Entire Story

Torrey Pines Glider Port

For over 75 years, the Gliderport in Torrey Pines has been the learning place for aviation greats such as the Lindbergh’s, Boyles, and many other greats. First established as a soaring site in 1928, the Gliderport has defined the world of motorless flight. Today, the Gliderport is home to hang gliding, paragliding, scale models, and […] Read Entire Story

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The Closer — Monday Misses — 6/26/17

Log-in here if you’re a member with access to the Closer. Looking for deeper insight on global markets and economics?  In tonight’s Closer sent to Bespoke Institutional clients, we review misses in economic data from the US to start the week. The Closer is one of our most popular reports, and you can sign up for a free trial below to see it! The Closer is one of our most popular reports, and you can see it and everything else Bespoke publishes by starting a no-obligation 14-day free Read Entire Story

6 Way to Market Your Business for Free (or Nearly Free)

More that 60% of all businesses in any economy are small scale. One thing common with SMEs is that they are either still start-ups or just getting to break even.… Read more » (c) Noobpreneur.com Read Entire Story

Cory Huff: Shakespearian Actor Starts A Blog To Teach Creative People How To Sell Their Art Online And Today Makes $180,000+ A Year Online

[ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] Cory Huff is certainly a creative person. He’s an interesting mix of actor and internet marketer, who today runs a business focused on teaching other creative people how to sell their art online. Cory runs a blog,… The post Cory Huff: Shakespearian Actor Starts A Blog To Teach Creative People How To Sell Their Art Online And Today Makes $180,000+ A Year Online appeared first on Entrepreneurs-Journey.com. Read Entire Story

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The TSA may require airline passengers to remove books from carry-on luggage

Faculty groups are alarmed by the potential impact of a new TSA plan for screening carry-on luggage. Read Entire Story

The US shale oil industry is booming despite low crude prices

Crude oil prices may be falling, but that hasn’t been enough to stop the resurgence in the US shale oil industry. Read Entire Story

How the US and Russia can avoid getting sucked into a war

Are we are headed toward a great-power conflict in the middle east? Read Entire Story

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Contagious Content Marketing: How to Give Your Content Viral Potential

For some marketers, going viral is the holy grail of content marketing. It’s easy to see why. You put out content, people organically start sharing it, and it takes off until you’ve racked up millions of views. Millions of brand impressions without a penny in paid promotion. You can’t blame marketers for chasing that particular dragon. That said, it’s important to get one thing straight: “Going viral” is not a content marketing strategy. It’s a pleasant side effect that can happen with well-crafted content, yes. But the chance of virality is… Read Entire Story

Digital Marketing News: ROI Acronyms, Google Ranking Factors and Twitter’s New Look

The Hipster’s Guide to ROI [Infographic] Marketing lingo has expanded and with all of the acronyms, it’s hard to decipher and differentiate combinations of letters. This infographic will show you the most common acronyms and esoteric language related to marketing ROI, giving you an explanation of what they are and why they matter. (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog) SEMrush Ranking Factors Study 2017 Google ranking factors constantly updates with every major algorithm change. In this report, the 12 most substantial and controversial factors (including website visits, pages per session and content) were chosen to show what impacts search results and to identify consistent patterns in the ranking mechanism that could be helpful to the SEO community. (SEMrush) Check Out Our … Read Entire Story

In-Flight Content Guide: Making the Most of Your Content Journey

What does content marketing success look like to you? Is a healthier pipeline? Increased client retention? Or something completely different? While every marketing team might have a slightly different goal for content, the message is the same: You have to create a predictable way to gauge the impact of your content. The content marketing journey can be perilous at times. At every turn there is a new competitor, shiny object or new “best practice”. This can … Read Entire Story

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Creating Influencer-Targeted Content, Use FaceBook Ads Effectively, Local SEO Checklist, Speedlink 26:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. Most SEO campaigns need three kinds of links to be successful; targeting your content to influencers can get you 2/3 of the way there. In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday video below, he covers the tactics that will help your content get seen and shared by those with a wide and relevant audience. Creating Influencer-Targeted Content to Earn Links + Coverage 11 Effective Ways to Use Facebook Ads Do you need to use Facebook ads more effectively… Read Entire Story

10 Ways TFCD Can Help You Build Your Modeling Career

Becoming a model is challenging business. You need to find opportunities, get wise to scammers, outperform your competition, and come up with the money for outfits, hair, makeup, travel, and the all-important portfolio. The practice of TFCD “time for CD,” also known as “TFP (prints),” or simply “TF,” has made portfolio building just a little easier, however. Here are some benefits you can receive by agreeing to work with a photographer in return for free prints. Free Photos! Professional photography is expensive, sometimes prohibitively… Read Entire Story

Using Domain And Page Authority, How To Repurpose Content, AMP Guide For WordPress, Speedlink 25:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. How can you effectively apply link metrics like Domain Authority and Page Authority alongside your other SEO metrics? Where and when does it make sense to take them into account, and what exactly do they mean? In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday below, he answers these questions and more, arming you with the knowledge you need to better understand and execute your SEO work. When and How to Use Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Link Count Metrics How to Repurpose Content for Your Blog and Beyond: A Plan for … Read Entire Story

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10 Reasons Why Podcasting Is the #1 Content Platform

There’s a story I like to tell here at Smart Passive Income. I tell this story again and again because it’s a core part of who I am, and it’s an integral part of my journey to becoming an entrepreneur and the “crash test dummy of online business.” The story I am referring to is the time, back in 2008, when I was laid off from my architecture job. If you’ve been here awhile, you’ve probably heard that story. What you may not be as familiar with, however, is the specific moment within that story that made all the difference in the world for me, and made where I’m at today—in my personal life and my business—possible. That’s what I am going to get … Read Entire Story

SPI 259: How to Set Up Your YouTube Channel to Win

The post SPI 259: How to Set Up Your YouTube Channel to Win from The Smart Passive Income Blog. Read Entire Story

Website Redesign—One Year Later (Critical Lessons Learned)

The post Website Redesign—One Year Later (Critical Lessons Learned) from The Smart Passive Income Blog. Read Entire Story

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So, I spent $139,614.18 on one Facebook ad. Here’s why I did it…

Yep. I spent $139,614.18 on one Facebook ad. Why? Well… Read this! Let Me Break It Down For You… Every single person who clicked on that ad was sent into what’s known as a “sales funnel.” What’s a sales funnel? Well… Here’s a visual representation: Or, in other words. * People visit your website. * They opt in to your email list. * You send them valuable content. * You then ask them to buy something. And the entire system is 100% automated through your email autoresponder. This is a sales funnel, and when you set one up right, it can be the difference between a business that generates sales… Read Entire Story

How Ben & Cole Earned $49,316 With Their First Online Photography Course

Ben Hartley and Cole Eutzy were six weeks away from launching their first online photography course. Cole, a marketer at his day job, wasn’t new to copywriting. But the last thing he wanted was for their course to bomb because their sales page didn’t work. And then there were the THOUSANDS of online photography courses being sold in a crowded market. Ben and Cole KNEW they had an amazing course… But they were worried it would get lost in the noise when it launched. Then Cole received an email from me about my online course, Sales Page that Converts. It was perfect timing… “I’ve always been interested in what… Read Entire Story

How Benjamin Houy Wrote a Sales Page that Increased His Revenue By 21% – In A Market Dominated By Big Companies

The language-learning industry is fierce. It’s dominated by multi-million dollar corporations. These are companies with huge advertising budgets. They have books and software on every e-commerce platform and in every bookstore on the planet. It’s the sort of market that seems IMPOSSIBLE to penetrate. Benjamin sells an online course that teaches people how to speak French. He doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising. He doesn’t have a dedicated, full-time marketing team. He runs a one-man operation. How could he possibly compete? He has dreams of creating more products and growing his business. But his sales had … Read Entire Story

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Don’t Let These 6 Common Job Traps Derail Your Career

Have you run out of novel reasons to call in late to work? Do you keep close tabs on the number of vacation and sick days you have left? Have you fantasized about pulling a Thelma and Louise-style getaway on your Monday morning commute? If so, you may feel trapped by that job you used to… Read Entire Story

Bring Back the Spark: 12 Powerful Ways to Breathe Life Into Your Business

Throughout this month I’ve been talking a lot about business burnout. I opened up about how to find your passion when you feel lost and unmotivated. Then I shared how to reduce stress and overcome feelings of burnout successfully. Finally, I explained the one true tactic I use to solve every single problem I have. But I’m not stopping there! Recognizing business burnout and going through the recovering process is important. But what’s the next step? What do you do when you feel like burnout is under control? How do you move forward and bring back the spark to your business? … Read Entire Story

Best Money Tips: Ways to Keep Cool Without AC

Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways to keep cool without AC, tax tips for newlyweds, and how to flip free stuff from Craigslist. Top 5 Articles 10 Ways to Keep Cool Without AC — Switch out your satin and silk bedding and sheets with high thread… Read Entire Story

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Paint by Numbers: Using Data to Produce Great Content

Posted by rjonesx.It’s not every day that I write about content. To be honest, it’s probably a once-a-year kind of thing. I will readily admit that I’m a “links are king” kind of SEO, and have been since starting in this industry more than a decade ago. However, I do look over the fence from time to time to see if the grass is greener and, on occasion, I actually like what I see. Prior to joining Moz, … Read Entire Story

Creating Influencer-Targeted Content to Earn Links + Coverage – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfishMost SEO campaigns need three kinds of links to be successful; targeting your content to influencers can get you 2/3 of the way there. In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand covers the tactics that will help your content get seen and shared by those with a wide and relevant audience. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!Video TranscriptionHowdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we’re going to chat about how to create content that is specifically influencer… Read Entire Story

The Case For & Against Attending Marketing Conferences

Posted by randfishI just finished reading Jan Schaumann’s short post on Why Companies Should Pay for Their Employees to Attend Conferences. I liked it. I generally agree with it. But I have more to add. First off, I think it’s reasonable for managers and company leaders to be wary of conferences and events. It is absolutely true that if your employees attend them, there will be costs associated, and it’s logical for businesses to seek a return on investment. What do you sacrifice when sending… Read Entire Story