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Create Your First WordPress Product, with Chris Lema

In just over a decade, WordPress has become the most popular content management system on the web. And as with any hugely popular open source movement, there are plenty of for-profit companies providing premium themes, plugins, hosting, and support. Is it too late for you to get involved? Evidence suggests the contrary — that WordPress is just getting started. But you do need to identify a distinct business problem to solve. As a non-technical founder myself, a decade ago I was under the misconception that the code is what matters. And it does, but the most elegant code in the world matters very little if the functionality of the software isn’t addressing a true user need. That means you… Read Entire Story

Is WordPress Not For You? Then Try Out These 7 Alternatives

WordPress is hailed as the most popular content management system for DIY bloggers and website builders. It is flexible, scalable, and very easy-to-use even to those with no background in web design. However, if you prefer something different, below are the top seven alternatives you should check out: 1. Medium Although Medium is not as robust as WordPress regarding functionality, it is a very promising platform for simple blogging. Design-wise, the platform can make your blog Read Entire Story

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Insights on Business and Community from Two Intense Days in Denver

Hey there — welcome back to the Copyblogger Weekly! I’m writing this the night before I fly back home from Denver, Colorado, where we held our live Digital Commerce Summit last week. I had the pleasure of teaching a small workshop on Wednesday and then switching gears to give a conference keynote on Thursday. Every time we hold a live event, big or small, I’m struck by the sense of community that comes together around Copyblogger and Rainmaker. Whether we were hollering our heads off singing together (just a few feet from the stage) at the CAKE concert or feverishly taking notes at 8:30 in the morning during Brian Clark’s talk on &#… Read Entire Story

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When to Use Tabbed Navigation and How to Optimize It

One of my favorite UX quotes comes from Chikezie Ejiasi, UX lead at Nest. He wrote: “Life is conversational. Web design should be the same way. On the web, you’re talking to someone you’ve probably never met – so it’s important to be clear and precise. Thus, well structured navigation and content organization goes hand in hand with having a good conversation.” Can tabbed navigation be clear and precise? Of course it can, which makes it a valid … Read Entire Story

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7 Top-Performing Unbounce Marketing Emails to Copy, Paste & Customize

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, though I always had a slightly different format in mind. But after seeing this incredibly delightful and generous post by messaging app Drift, I knew I had to steal borrow their format (sharing is caring, right?). If you’re like me, you have multiple email accounts: one for work, one for pleasure and — admittedly — one for newsletters and other spam. As you can likely empathize with, I get a buttload of emails every day. Of which I read very few. Here are some reasons why I actually read an email: I have to. It’s either necessary for me to … Read Entire Story

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How To Make Your Brand “Likable” and Win More Revenue

We want other people to like us. It’s a human desire. We also want other people to like our websites. If, on our site, we come across as likable, we tend to become more profitable. So, in conversion optimization, likability is an important and powerful psychological trigger. Likability is nebulous, though. What’s it mean and how can we optimize for it? How can we measure it? What Does It Mean To Be Likable? What is it to like someone or something? This is an important question, and as Conversion Consultant Jeremy Smith… Read Entire Story

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Facts about the new iPod video

The newest member of the iPod family is found everywhere nowadays. As people get to understand more and more the […] Read Entire Story

Easy Tips To Fight Off Personal Bankruptcy

If you and your family have found yourselves buried in financial debt, one of the first things that come to […] Read Entire Story

Electric Cars: Why This Type of Car Is Fast Becoming Popular

First of all, you may want to keep in mind that electric cars are not really a new concept. In […] Read Entire Story

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The Closer 10/21/16 – End of Week Charts

Looking for deeper insight on global markets and economics?  In tonight’s Closer sent to Bespoke clients, we recap weekly price action in major asset classes, update economic surprise index data for major economies, chart the weekly Commitment of Traders report from the CFTC, and provide our normal nightly update on ETF performance, volume and price movers, and the Bespoke Market Timing Model. The Closer is one of our most popular reports, and you can sign up for a trial below to see it and everything else Bespoke publishes free for the next two weeks! Click here to start your no-obligation free Bespoke research trial now! Read Entire Story

Silence Is Golden: Why Companies Are Turning to Muted Ads

As they have over the last decade, social media platforms are still redefining and reinventing advertising requirements. Twitter limits content to 140 characters, Facebook allows only 20 percent or less… Read more » (c) Noobpreneur.com Read Entire Story

The Tools That 5 Highly Productive Entrepreneurs Use

Slack. Tripit. Dropir. SproutSocial: Is your head spinning yet? Here are recommendations for the best productivity tools to use. Read Entire Story

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Who are the UK’s Highest Earners?

Aside from footballers, multi-millionaire businesspeople, dukes and duchesses, there are a lot of high-paying professions in the UK for regular folk. While the more you earn, the more tax you will have to pay applies in most situations, this is outweighed by the many benefits such high-paid jobs offer.   Of course, the first of these is the amount of money you will earn, but there are also many tax breaks available and we shouldn’t forget the possibility of getting a specialist mortgage with a lender like Saffron Building Society for professionals. If you’re hoping to make big money and are thinking about a career change, here are the jobs that earn the most… Read Entire Story

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Facebook has brought purchasing capabilities to all retail pages (FB)

BIIThis story was delivered to BI Intelligence “E-Commerce Briefing” subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. Facebook has added the capability for all retailers to accept purchase orders directly from their profile pages,reports Recode. Previously limited to select retailers, the feature now has a global reach, pushing Facebook further into the social commerce space. The company’s massive user base and global recognition could help bring social commerce into the mainstream, while strengthening Facebook’s position as a go-to platform for a variety of consumer needs. Facebook’s commerce efforts extend across its various products. In addition to bringing purchasing capabilities to all retail pages, the social media giant has also introduced tools for Messenger and Instagram that increase its retail footprint, including buy … Read Entire Story

More Losses for Pound and a Weak Q4 Forecasted

The start of October saw even more historic lows for the British pound. However, the bad news doesn’t end there, and more losses are forecasted for the final quarter of 2016. As such, pounds sterling is under notable (and mounting) pressure, particularly from the euro. Recently, it reached a 1:1 exchange rate in some airports, and its prospects show no signs of changing. So, where will the currency go from here? The Pound’s Poor Q3: The Brexit Affect Currency traders continue to sell off the pound in huge numbers. However, with a … Read Entire Story

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9 Sizzling Influencer Activation Tips from Lee Odden #MPB2B

Influencer marketing is an incredibly hot topic in the marketing world—and it’s not hard to see why. Influencers add insight, credibility and authority to the content they help create, and they also have the potential to bring that content to a new audience. But what makes someone influential? Is it popularity? Is it celebrity? Is it the fact that they have niche expertise? And how do you identify, activate and continue to build on your relationships with influencers? During his Sexy Hot B2B Influencer Activation session at MarketingProfs B2B Marketing … Read Entire Story

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The Importance of Storytelling in Content Marketing #MPB2B

Once upon a time … A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … There once was … These aren’t just classic fairy tale or movie beginnings. They represent memories. They evoke feelings. They get our minds churning. They signal that an exciting story is about to unfold—and those stories are powerful. As content marketers, we need to be in the business of storytelling if we want our content to resonate and inspire. As Shane Snow, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Contently, said during his session Create, Connect, And … Read Entire Story

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Learn How to Launch an Integrated Strategy for Account Based Marketing #MPB2B

“How do we start to synchronize all of the efforts between marketing and sales into a coordinated play through account based marketing?” That is the question Jon Miller posed to an audience of 150 marketers in today’s first breakout session at MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum. As the CEO and Co-founder of Engagio and Co-founder of Marketo, Jon shared his passion of analytics and his experience in what he refers to as “account based everything.” As he began, he explained the difference between traditional inbound marketing and account based marketing through a unique analogy: “The demand generation method we historically used was similar to … Read Entire Story

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Awesome Guide to Setting Up a Convenient Home Office

Some of us dream to have a company of our own someday. Some have an entrepreneurial spirit so strong that they created small companies while still in school. Some after college, some after saving enough money to fund the business.Some people don’t try because many of them are hampered by lack of funds and a bagful of what-if-I-fails.Right now, with the internet and all innovative technology that is being developed every day, setting up a business has been easier than before. You can even start your company right from the comfort of your living room, or any room that can … Read Entire Story

Facebook Funnel That Converts, Building Loyalty On Twitter, Ins and Outs Keyword Research, Speedlink 42:2016

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week! How are you using remarketing on Facebook? If you’ve ever felt frustrated about the ROI on FB ads, it just may be time to give them another chance. In the Whiteboard Friday video below, Ryan Stewart outlines his process for using remarketing and targeted content creation to get more conversions out of your Facebook ad spend. How to Build a Facebook Funnel That Converts 5 Tips to Build More Loyalty With Your Twitter Fans Do you want to build deeper relationships with your… Read Entire Story

Learning the Ropes: Simple Ways to Get Started in Stock Trading

The subject of trading stocks often draws a diverse range of opinions on how to about doing it successfully and what to focus on, which can be highly confusing to someone who is just starting out and wants to learn the ropes.Understanding aspects of trading such as how oil prices can influence the price of individual stocks and what triggers to look for when you are buying or selling stocks, are just two components that all combine to hopefully make a profit from trading stock successfully.One thing you want to avoid if you can help it, is to ensure that any mistakes you make don’t become too expensive, so here are some the basics to get you started in stock trading.Practice… Read Entire Story

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SPI 236: Secrets and Science to Living the Good Life with Jonathan Fields

The post SPI 236: Secrets and Science to Living the Good Life with Jonathan Fields from The Smart Passive Income Blog. Read Entire Story

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The Pros & Cons Of Using Social Media In Multinational Campaigns

Businesses today have integrated social media marketing into their strategic marketing campaigns because they know how much people go online and search for their needs by checking about a specific company, product or service. Social media has significantly affected the business world regardless of niche, scope and size. Social media marketing has brought companies much closer to their customers because they get to engage them better. Benefits of social media campaigns Below are some ways on how social media marketing has affected businesses: 1. Instant distribution… Read Entire Story

5 Reasons Why It Took 5 Years to Build My Team

The post 5 Reasons Why It Took 5 Years to Build My Team from The Smart Passive Income Blog. Read Entire Story

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Make Money From Your Home By Decluttering!

Is your home filled with an overwhelming amount of stuff? Do you need extra cash for a vacation or to help you buy a new property? If the answer is yes then decluttering could be the answer to all of your prayers. Decluttering is a technique that many homeowners use to bring order to their homes. It involves reducing the amount of possession you have by getting rid of things you no longer need or use. This makes it easier to keep a clean and tidy house that is more comfortable to spend time in. But decluttering your home can also give your income a much-needed boost. Your home is probably filled with good quality and lightly used items that people will be … Read Entire Story

The psychological reason why you should sell what you know

Before I got started packaging up my skills and expertise as online courses, I had a HUGE mental block standing between me and my success. I kept telling myself, “Why would anyone buy this? If they just buy these books, read these sites, and start testing things on their own, they’ll be able to figure it out.” Just writing that today makes me feel like an idiot. Why? As Sweet Brown would say, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Reading 1000s of books, research papers, and then spending months (if not years) figuring out how to IMPLEMENT the stuff takes time. And… “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” But check it: There’s a psychological reason … Read Entire Story

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Is Credit The Be-All And End-All Of Your Financial Health?

The way that a lot of people talk about it, you might think that credit is the single most important aspect of your finances. That you need to protect it, strengthen it and always keep a keen eye on it. How much truth is there to that? Why does credit matter? Who can see it? What other options do you have? These are important questions that we’re going to look into now. Image Credit What … Read Entire Story

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Save the Most Money on Your Balance Transfer with Chase Slate

Link for teaser title: http://www.wisebread.com/chase-slate-visa-review?utm_source=wisebread&utm_medium… Save money on your balance transfer with a 0% intro APR for 15… Read Entire Story

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Is It Ever Smart to Be Stupid With Money?

In the last couple of weeks, an interesting financial concept has made it’s way into my life. I’ve begun to wonder if it’s ever a good idea to be what some would perceive to be as stupid with money.Before you slam your laptop shut, hear me out by reading the following example. The reason this has come up is because of a trend I’m seeing in my hometown of Miami among my millennial peers.This post was written by Amanda Abella – a fabulous writer, speaker, and financial coach!Is It Ever Smart to Be Stupid With Money?While our local economic situation is a long story, here’s the short version: Rent is through… Read Entire Story

How to Be a Financial Grownup: Highlights from Our Chat With Bobbi Rebell

Bobbi Rebell joined us for our #WBChat on October 20th to celebrate the launch of ner new book, "How to Be a Financial Grownup!" Our #FinancialGrownup #WBChat featured tons of useful advice on how to be a financial grownup and Bobbi’s tips made the chat extremely informative. In total we… Read Entire Story

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How To Live A Good Life (FS185)

Modern western culture is buzzing with ideas about living a happy and fulfilled life. I can’t walk down the street without seeing a #liveyourdream hashtag on something. There seems to be hundreds of books, podcasts, courses, shows and instagram accounts about it. But with all the gurus and research courses and books out there, is there a framework that can really help? I mean, we should know that by now, right? Of course the answer is “no,” there is not a one-size-fits-all framework for a happy life; that easy button does not exist. BUT, as your own experience probably … Read Entire Story

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Content Gating: When, Whether, and How to Put Your Content Behind an Email/Form Capture – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfishHave you ever considered gating your content to get leads? Whether you choose to have open-access content or gate it to gather information, there are benefits and drawbacks you should be aware of. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand weighs the pros and cons of each approach and shares some tips for improving your process, regardless of whichever route you go. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab! Video TranscriptionHowdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we’re going to chat about content gating. This is something that a lot of content marketers use, particularly those who … Read Entire Story

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Earning the Link: How to Pitch and Partner with the 5 Publisher Personas

Posted by QuezSaysI stood up from my office chair, stepped behind it and leaned on its back with both hands so I could stare at the email from a new angle. I was silenced by the response of the blogger: “We’ve had a recent policy change here, and we no longer offer followed links. It’s hurting our reputation and being flagged by Google.” In that moment, the game changed for me. I’ve received some interesting responses from editors and bloggers about links before, but never as adamant and uninformed as this. I realized that I needed to develop a communication strategy for my emails to publishing partners about links. The challenge Content marketing is a great… Read Entire Story